is a space we find around us,

This is an Area for Reflection, Prayer and Meditation is an installation displaying typography from the Philippines. It is an ode to the introspective and self expressive process of producing a letterform. Within a letterform a colonized country found a space to reinvent, re-examine, and reflect. Within the letterform they found markings that strengthen their communities in the face of oppressive systems. Within the letterform they made spaces for reflection, prayer and meditation.

Curated by Corinne Ang, Javier Syquia & Ryan Diaz.
Displayed at RISD @ 30 N Main, Providence, RI, USA from Nov 2020–?
Visit & take a part of the installation home.


is a culminative experience,

An essay written by Corinne Ang. It was written to contextualize the installation and workshop. The physical publication was distributed next to the installation. The text gathers personal experience and research to present a different way of approaching the letterform.

*Download PDF Here*


is a living practice.


Do this DIY workshop from the comfort of your home over zoom! Make it global or local, gather & experience by bending imposed structures to produce personal & communal monuments.

There's just one rule: YOU CANNOT HIT UNDO
  1. Read the essay linked above.
  2. Come together with 4 or more people over zoom.
  3. Choose one participant to be an initiator. Have them share screen and display this page.
  4. Scroll to the right to find the editable area. The initiator types out a 1+ word message to the group.
  5. Everybody locate the zoom toolbar and go to Annotate, Draw (you can also set your settings in Format).
  6. The initiator takes the thickest annotation width and traces/rewrites the word, embracing discrepencies while following structure, proportions & format.
  7. Now everbody take about 5-8mins to draw atop and reshape, resculpt and reform using your emotional response to their message as guidance to how you feel the form should be.
    Do unmute yourselves to communicate with one another and collaborate within the space of the screen.
  8. Once deemed complete delete the typed out words and imposed structure behind the annotations made.
  9. Save/screenshot & send it here!


type here
& shape this

was produced in December 2020 during XYZ at RISD GD.

This project is typeset in Monobloc Sans by Corinne Ang.
The title lettering & name was based on a sign (captured by Ryan Diaz) from Our Lady of Grace Parish, Mabalacat, Philippines.