Dialogues—Spring 2020 


A game of telephone in the form of a comic featuring 45 students across different majors at RISD. It looks to display the playful, bizarre dialogue and community found with the mixing of individuals from different fields of interest and backgrounds. The result was a story about the people that made it just as much as the narrative created.

Organized & conceptualized with Elisha Gillette

Fig. 1: Book (5 x 9"), rubber band binding, RISO printed yellow, blue, fl pink and purple. Designed and laid out in collaboration with Jada Akoto
Fig. 2: Website. Designed and built in collaboration with Grace Young
Fig. 3: Promotional material (5 x 9"), RISO printed yellow, blue, fl pink and purple.
Fig. 4: Custom display typeface “Trail Mix”.

Fig. 1: Page 14, collage & illustration by myself.

Fig. 2: Collaborator’s website embedded into page displaying both the work produced and the creator.

Fig. 4: An amalgamation of flavours, shifting baselines, Trail Mix is the ultimate snack.