*A collection of the: 

exploratory, brash, naïve, tactile & unapologetically quite possibly very wrong.


Fig. 1: Lunar New Year 2020
        5 colour RISO print—creating dimension through bitmaps and colour seperation . (Includes 35mm colour film photo, found imagery + hand lettering.

Fig. 2: Happy (V)Palentines Day
       2 colour RISO print + reflective foil—Illustrating & collaging. A fun activity with friends on a night of singledom.

Fig. 3: Paper Planes
       2 colour RISO print—Collecting, editing, designing and illustrating a travel zine aiming to bring people together through the exchange of small personal interpretations of place and culture. 


Fig. 1: Grapple & Counteract
      2 typefaces—Playing with legibility, form and energy through letterforms. Grapple is a variable font.

Fig. 2: Earthly Delights
      5 colour RISO print—Modernized monoline textura lettering and accompanying illustrations.

Fig. 3: Order of the Physical Realm
      4 colour RISO print—Inexplicable colours that flourish in the absense of the digital bringing forth a vivid language and subtlety. A celebration of the physical. Ironic this is in my digital archive...

Fig. 4: Dialogues
      2 colour RISO print—A page in a comic authored in a process similar to a game of telephone.


Fig. 1: Home
      Multicolour RISO prints—Illustrations embodying on the hot & sweaty cities I grew up in.

Fig. 2: Manila Bound
      Zine—A research driven zine that explores the definition of good design outside the context of the Western canon.

In collaboration with Amanda Sia, Cara Padilla and Hannah Mitra.

~last updated march 2021~