*A collection of the: 

exploratory, brash, naïve, tactile & unapologetically quite possibly very wrong.


Fig. 1: Lunar New Year 2020
        5 colour RISO print—creating dimension through bitmaps and colour seperation . (Includes 35mm colour film photo, found imagery + hand lettering.

Fig. 2: Happy (V)Palentines Day
       2 colour RISO print + reflective foil—Illustrating & collaging. A fun activity on a night of singledom.

Fig. 3: Graphic Stickers
       Screen printing—A souvenir to remember my first year at RISD graphic design.


Fig. 1: Halo-Halloween
       Poster—Poster advertising an event serving the traditional Filipino dessert Halo Halo which means “mix mix”. Thus, it mixes images taken of lettering from Manila streets.

Fig. 2: Manila Bound
      Zine—A research driven zine that explores the definition of good design outside the context of the Western canon.

In collaboration with Amanda Sia, Cara Padilla and Hannah Mitra.

Fig. 3: Dec 2019
      35mm colour negative film—Photos from a sunny hot day in Singapore.

Fig. 1: Earthly Delights
      5 colour RISO print—Modernized monoline textura based lettering and accompanying illustrations.

Fig. 2: Order of the Physical Realm
      4 colour RISO print—Inexplicable colours that flourish in the absense of the digital bringing forth a vivid language and subtlety. A celebration of the physical. Ironic this is in my digital archive...

Fig. 3: Home
      Multicolour RISO prints—Experiments on the RISO focusing on the chaotic cities I grew up in.

~last updated april 2020~