This Area is for Reflection, Prayer & Meditation

This is an Area for Reflection, Prayer and Meditation is an installation, publication & workshop displaying typography from the Philippines at a highly traffic transitionary corridor at RISD (a highly Westernized institution).

It is an ode to how within a letterform a colonized country found a space to reinvent, re-examine, and reflect. Within the letterform they found markings that strengthen their communities in the face of oppressive systems. 

Displayed & distributed at 30 N Main, PVD, RI from 2020–2021.
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Fig. 1: Installed display, vinyl signage, RISO printed gold. Curated with Javier Syquia and Ryan Diaz.
Fig. 2: Publication, essay writing & curatorial statement, RISO printed gold.
Fig. 3: Website (self coded) & Zoom run workshop.

Fig. 2.5: Cover variations were posters from the installation allowing viewers to take part of the installation home.

Fig. 3.1
Fig. 3.2: Workshop in action on zoom.