Points of Inflection

Creating the identity, leading design and organizing a team to create collateral and carry out curation for RISD Graphic Design Senior Show (2021). Focusing on the idea of this past year being a turning point in historical & cultural matters and in our personal lives. Points of Inflection focuses on the way that we shape our paths and make connections (utilizing the physical manipulation of tape as a metaphor for this).

Displayed at Woods Gerry Gallery from March 19–23 2021.
Visit poi.risd.gd to read more and see an archive of the displayed works.

Fig. 1: Custom logotype.
Fig. 2: Large format poster (24 × 36").
Fig. 3: Small format tiled posters (5.5 × 3.5").
Fig. 4: Collateral—totebag, catalogue/poster  P.
Fig. 5: Website.
Fig. 6: Instagram animation promotion.
Fig. 7: Physical exhibition.

Design lead: Corinne Ang.
Project Manager: Catherine Park
Design: Catherine Park, Javier Syquia.
Web: Nicholas Park, Serena Shen.
Curation: Ethan Murakami, Amanda Yang.
Production: Christie Zhong, Destiny Griesgraber, Eunice Hong.
Motion: Julia Chu.

Fig. 1

Fig. 3: Tape paths made by each student.

Fig. 4.1: 4 colour RISO print fold up catalogue with poster on back and RISO white ink on black paper curatorial statement.

Fig. 4.2: Split fountain hand screenprint.

Fig. 5: Visit full site here.